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Jonny Mellor
Ale & Arguments
The Victoria Pub
Evening (Monthly)
Ale & Arguments is a meet up for people who’d like to join in with the big conversations going on in our culture, inside or outside the church. We meet monthly at The Victoria pub and discuss a cultural, philosophical or theological question. Whether you’re a Christian or not, you’d be more than welcome.
Ed & Karen Edmondson
Tricky Bits Of The Bible
Selly Oak
Evening (Spring Term)
Some parts of the Bible are down-right hard to understand. In this equipping life group we will explore some of these tricky bits together, alternating each week between studies of difficult passages and wider themes or background evidence. And we'll have cake.
Helen Bell & Patti Tan
Seniors Life Group
Morning (Spring Term)
A morning of laughter, quizzes, tea drinking, prayer and discussion, culminating in a meal together. Open to all those over 60 years of age.
Steve & Jan Fryer
Freedom In Christ
Evening (Spring Term)
This course is designed to help you grasp the truth of who you are in Christ, resolve personal and spiritual conflicts through genuine repentance, and move on to maturity.
Mark & Jodie Mitchell
Hearing From God
Evening (Spring Term)
God speaks to us today through the Bible, the prophetic, circumstance, nature and many more ways besides. In this encounter group we will explore how we can grow to recognise God's voice more clearly and how we can share what he says with increasing confidence.
Helen Bell & Arleen McNutt
South Site Community Life Group
Evening (Fortnightly)
We are excited to be gathering for another term. Anyone from any site wanting to grow in being a blessing to those around them are welcome. We'll be inspiring and motivating each other to be a blessing in our daily lives, and also planning opportunities for group activities in the Selly Oak area.
Anna O'Brien & Lucy Mobley
Women's Daytime Life Group
Morning (Fortnightly)
Join Anna and Lucy every other Wednesday to gather and share life together. We'll be looking at the Bible and exploring our identity as women of God and praying for each other.
Rich & Rosie Price
Student Group: "Sorry I Haven't a Clue!"
Selly Oak
Evening (Spring Term)
Just like a regular Student Life Group, with food and fun, but this term with a specific focus on looking into the big questions around our faith. We'll ask and explore together. No experience necessary!
Dan Robinson & Nike Adesanya
Student Encounter Group
Selly Oak
Evening (Spring Term)
This group offers the opportunity to develop and deepen friendships with other students in the church community. We’ll eat together, spend time worshipping, studying God’s word and praying. Come expectant to meet powerfully with God and grow in faith.
Chris & Zoe Yeo
North Site Encounter Group
Sutton Coldfield
Evening (Spring Term)
Our aim this term for Life Group is to CONNECT. We will connect with God, with each other, and with our city. As usual we eat cakes, pray, worship, support one another spiritually and practically. Why? Because God loves connection!
Tim & Liz Brown
A Growing Marriage
Evening (Spring Term)
A chance for couples to spend some time exploring God’s design for intimacy, harmony and oneness in their marriage. Each week we will have supper together and then look at topics as diverse as expressing our feelings, making decisions together and handling money. Couples will need to attend the group evenings together. (So eight spaces = four couples).
Andy Back
Creative Writing Workshop
Bartley Green
Evening (Spring Term)
An opportunity to explore and exercise any writing skills you may have. Novice or novelist, all are welcome – you’ll receive positive encouragement – surprise yourself! Our first few meetings will set the tone, and then, after half-term, content will be highly suitable for non-church guests.
Tea In The Park
Tea In The Park
Morning (Spring Term)
Parents with pre-schoolers meeting for a cuppa to chat and play every Thursday. Location varies each week but check out the Facebook group for weekly details or contact the church office on 0121 773 6767 and we'll put you in touch with the group.
Rich & Ruth Pitt
Book Group: 'The Liturgy of the Ordinary'
Evening (Spring Term)
We should thank God for extraordinary stuff. But most of our earthly life consists of small, ordinary moments. How do we connect with God within the ordinary? We'll read a chapter of 'The Liturgy Of The Ordinary' at home in the week then come together to discuss it over a meal. Involves buying the book (£9ish).
Sanju & Emily Karmacharya
Prayer Encounter Group
Evening (Spring Term)
In this group we will mainly be focusing on following the 'Prayer Course', a resource from Holy Trinity Brompton. There will also be time for worship and ministering to one another as well as sharing a meal and breaking bread together.
Nathaniel & Jenni
Growing As Disciples
Springfield / Hall Green
Evening (Spring Term)
We're all on a journey, none of us are 'there' yet, and God has more for us, however long we've been following Jesus. This term, we're going to be encountering God, digging deep in the gospels to learn more about how we can grow, following Jesus. Each week we will eat, pray, share bread & wine, look at God's word together, encourage one another and let God challenge us in our daily lives.
Mike Preston
North Site Prayer
Evening (Spring Term)
The North Site prays together every Friday. Come and join us as we call out to God and listen to what He's saying to us.
Owen O'Brien & Michael McMillan
Men's Group: The Code
Central House
Evening (Spring Term)
A group for men who want to be all they can be in God. To help us do this we’ll be using ‘The Code’, a series of 12 statements of intent for how we want to live. Expect personal growth & deeper friendships to result. This is very suitable for Emerge Dads, as we meet upstairs at Central House at the same time as Emerge.
Chris & Barbara King
Gospel-Centred Work
Kings Norton
Morning (Fortnightly)
Many Christians give little thought to how their faith impacts or affects their working lives. This group provides a chance to share experiences from the workplace, encourage and pray for one another over a hearty breakfast!
Steve & Jan Fryer
Walking Group
(Spring Term)
Come for a walk with us, invite your friends and enjoy the countryside. No obligation just come along when you can. The walks are between 5 and 8 miles usually ending up at a tea shop. We look forward to seeing you.
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