Students have always played a huge part in Churchcentral and we welcome students from any of Birmingham's universities.

We aim for all of our students to be supported, equipped and sent through their time with us at uni and to this end we run loads of different things:

Student Life Groups

We have Student Life Groups meeting throughout the week that are a great place to meet other students, get to know people, build friendships, grow in your faith and be trained.

Sunday Lunches

Most weeks after the 11:30 service at King Edward's there will be plans for lunch. Sometimes we run site picnics (indoor in the winter and autumn) and at other times we'll go off together to a local eatery for a great value lunch.

Student Events

We often gather together for evening events. On Sunday evenings throughout the year, we gather together to worship and receive teaching on issues particularly related to student life. We also run Is Faith Reasonable? and Alpha courses on Monday nights throughout the year where we address some of the big objections to Christianity in a way that will strengthen your faith and help friends who are interested in life's big questions.

Student Weekend Away

Our student weekends away are always life-changing times of encountering God and getting to know each other better. There’s always sports, prayer, wide games, worship, quizzes, teaching, cake and much, much banter!

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I found myself welcomed by the student team from day one, and have made great friendships. I feel part of the community.


I found it very easy to settle into the Churchcentral community at the beginning of my time at University of Birmingham, as everyone was (and is) so welcoming. The sense of family and community with other students, alongside the teaching and guidance of speakers and student workers creates an ideal environment for exploring Christianity further and developing a stronger faith.


From the day I arrived, Churchcentral students welcomed me in, fed me, nurtured me and encouraged me to live for God. They are my family away from home.

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