Catalyst & Newfrontiers.

Catalyst & Newfrontiers

Newfrontiers is a worldwide family of churches together on a mission, with over 800 churches in more than 70 nations. Through different groups of churches within the movement it is committed to church planting, training leaders and ministering to the poor.

Churchcentral is closely connected with David Devenish, a senior Newfrontiers leader, and Catalyst, the group of Newfrontiers churches he partners with.

We believe that God has spoken to us as a family of churches about achieving more together than we can apart. People have been sent out from Churchcentral to help resource and plant new churches in countries including Japan, Zimbabwe and Ghana. Our ongoing involvement in their lives, both as people and churches, is of great importance to us as we strive to be an authentic New Testament church.

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We went to Catalyst Festival for the first time last year and were blessed watching God work in our children. Came home feeling refreshed, convicted and inspired. Can't wait for this year’s.


To worship alongside thousands of people with my teenage son engaging (for the first time) was a profound and memorable experience.

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