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Our heart at this time:

Whilst face-to-face contact may be cancelled for the foreseeable future, we do not believe that the sense of community has to suffer. With this in mind we plan to go on as normally as possible, with multiple options of ways to connect in.

We will send regular reminders and we don't expect everyone to connect with all these options, however want to strongly encourage you to try to prioritise joining us for 25 mins on Sundays so there is a strong sense of being 'together' at this time then whichever midweek options serves you best.

As a leadership team we will be touching base with you and of course you can contact Chris and James if you need anything.

Sunday, 10.30am all-age service with communion

As well as encouraging you to access the video talk at any time that works for you, we're encouraging everyone to connect on Sundays. We're going to gather in a way that's accessible for everyone, with kid-friendly elements, and also the chance to break bread together as we have been enjoying at North recently. This  will happen over Zoom.  and will last for approximately 25 minutes.

Monday, 7.30pm Bible Study Life Group

We're going to be looking together at Psalm 91 over the coming Monday evenings. This will happen over Zoom hosted by the Mellors, lasting for approximately 30 minutes.

Wednesday, 7.30pm reflecting on Sunday's talk

An opportunity to touch base with others and ask questions / give some feedback on how you found Sunday's talk.  This will be hosted by the Yeos via Zoom.

Friday, 7.30pm prayer meeting

Jesus remains good and faithful and He remains the answer we all need. We'll be praying together over Zoom (a way of having free, simple video calls with multiple people).  This will last approximately 30 minutes.


Community Groups

The main way we're staying connected relationally and looking out for one another at this time is through our Community Groups. We meet together via Zoom which is pretty easy to use. You just need to click on the link that your group leader will send you and follow the instructions that you will be given.

If you're not involved in a group and would like to be, please do  contact .

South Podcast

This time could be an unrivaled opportunity for growth, but where do we start? Every other week, we're releasing a burst of short podcast episodes to help us think about what God might be looking to do in us during this time. Many of the episodes feature brand new music from people within Churchcentral South.
Under Churchcentral South in talks section of the app and website.


Community Groups

Gathering, saying hello, and breaking bread together in community groups on Zoom.

Video message

If you can, watch 'as live' for a sense of togetherness. If not, catch up later.

South catch up on Zoom

Each week we gather on Zoom, to see one another's faces, for a short kids section and to share news. We then break off into breakout rooms of four or so, to catch up, or pray together. People are free to engage as much or as little as they wish.

Weekly prayer meeting on Zoom (with sung worship)

We want to depend on God in this time and so have launched a weekly chance to pray together via Zoom.
We also sing together during this time.
You are free to participate in whatever way works best for you, even if that's listening and praying silently from home.


Prayer & Vision,  8pm every Sunday evening

Join us by clicking this button at 8pm:
If ever there was an urgent call on God’s people to pray, it’s now! Although we can’t meet physically to pray at present we want to encourage you to pray from 8-9pm in your household every Sunday evening. You can connect with other praying people in the church at 8pm via the zoom group . Zoom feels strange at first, but it’s a great tool to connect us! Just being there is contributing, whether or not you pray out loud or have your video and audio on or off. Let’s join together in prayer for God’s glory and for revival in our world.


In these unprecedented times, we are keen to harness the unique opportunity this affords us to truly be the local church. To that end, we are launching geographical clusters with immediate effect! These won't meet face-to-face, but their purpose is to enable us to look out for each other, and look out for our neighbours. We have plotted every household in the church on a map and have grouped us into three clusters which broadly speaking, are based around Bearwood, Quinton and Bournville.

Regular video updates from Owen

Keep connected and hear vision and encouragement every few days from Owen.
The latest of these videos is below or click here to see others.


1. Daily Bible Reading:

We all need to listen to God’s voice. Maybe now, more than ever. To help you to do this during the present crisis, there are short live Bible reading sessions each weekday morning on Zoom, looking at the book of John and some Psalms. They are at 8am Monday to Friday. To join, simply log on each morning with this link. 

2. Worship playlists

One of the most precious things in our churches - and one of the hardest things to replicate via technology - is the joy of worshipping together. To help in singing to God and meeting with Him at this time, a few people across the churches have put together a few playlists of songs. 

3. Book recommendations to go deep

Podcasts and videos are helpful (and much shorter), but books can allow you to go deeper on important subjects and think well about them. To help you get started, Jonathan has put together this list (with the help of former Churchcentralite Luke Davydaitis), with a few suggestions for each topic.

4. Sermon activity sheet for children

Most Fridays there will now be a printable activity sheet made available on this website, and on social media, to go alongside the upcoming Sunday sermon. Print these and use what works for your children.

5. General kids resources page

To help you make the most of the opportunity to bring Jesus to your children in this time, there's a growing page of printable resources. We'll add to this throughout the lockdown for you to use what you want, when you want.