Questions About Faith?

I've got questions about Christianity!

If you’re interested in finding out more about Christianity, we’d love to help you as best as we can. We believe that the claims of Jesus are a big deal and therefore we want to give space for people to investigate these claims throughly and at their own pace. Therefore, we run one off events throughout the year to do this, as well as a number of regular courses — Is Faith Reasonable?, Alpha and Explore.

Is Faith Reasonable?

These events are all about two things: thinking through the big questions of life and eating food!

What to expect

Each evening consists of a half hour talk on a big question like ‘Has science buried God?’ ‘Can I be good without God?’ or ‘Why do people suffer?’ Then there is a time to discuss what you’ve heard with others on your table and each evening finishes with an extended public Q & A session. Some of these events are called ‘Is Faith Reasonable?’ Others have different names depending on which restaurants we can hire - so look out for anything thought or food related (probably involving alliteration) e.g. Balti and Big Questions and Pizza and Ponder.

Keep an eye on the calendar for more details.


Alpha is for anyone looking at exploring the Christian faith in more depth in a relaxed and informal environment.

What to expect

Each session will feature a short talk, a chance to discuss and share your thoughts and a meal and we tend to host these in restaurants around the city. No question is out of bounds and you are free to discuss as much or as little as you wish.

We tend to run Alpha in the early part of the year (February/March) but once again, check out the calendar for more details.


While we can’t run Alpha courses in all locations throughout the year, we have other smaller groups running all the time in all our sites for anyone wanting to investigate Christianity.

What to expect

These are very much tailored for you, so if something like this sounds interesting, come along on a Sunday and ask one of the host team to introduce you to one of our Next Step Reps, or email the church office.

What people have said

Pizza and Ponder was a really interesting way to interact with Christianity in a way I never had before. It was lovely to meet with interesting people to debate on difficult topics, and to hear a viewpoint that you never knew about.


I expected alpha to be a boring discussion about Christianity, however it was the catalyst that led to the biggest change in my life and a relationship with Jesus.

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