Students have always been a huge part of our family and we welcome students from all of Birmingham’s universities and colleges.

Birmingham is the best city in the world and we’re glad you’re here! Our vision for students is that you’d be “supported, equipped and sent”, so that you make the most of your years in the second city.

Our student work is based at our South Site, meeting at 10.30am approximately 100 yards away from the University of Birmingham Guild of Students (King Edwards Girls School). You can get a coffee from 10am so come any time from then.

Here’s a snapshot of what being involved might look like:

The part you can play

We encourage students to get stuck in and help make Churchcentral all it can be. Students are on loads of our teams at the South Site, helping with welcoming, leading worship and our youth, kids and tots work. Come and grow by mucking in.

Many students have also put down roots and stuck around. Many years on from their Uni days, they now call Birmingham and Churchcentral home. Might you be one of them?

Stuff for you

Being part of our Sunday mornings, our Student Life Groups, student lunches, the Student Weekend Away and our social gatherings will help you go deeper as a follower of Jesus and build relationships with other students and our wider church family.

Stuff exploring Christianity

We love meeting people of all different beliefs and in all different stages of their faith journey. At South Site, we put on specific Sunday mornings called “Big Questions” to help address some of the common objections people hold. We also play a part in events run by University-based groups like Agape Student Life or the Christian Unions. We’re confident you’ll find Churchcentral to be a community that is welcoming and engaging for you if you’re looking in on the Christian faith. Come and see!

I found myself welcomed by the student team from day one, and have made great friendships. I feel part of the community.


I found it very easy to settle into the Churchcentral community at the beginning of my time at University of Birmingham, as everyone was (and is) so welcoming. The sense of family and community with other students, alongside the teaching and guidance of speakers and student workers creates an ideal environment for exploring Christianity further and developing a stronger faith.


From the day I arrived, Churchcentral students welcomed me in, fed me, nurtured me and encouraged me to live for God. They are my family away from home.

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