As a church, we meet in four different meetings across three locations on a Sunday morning in the North, South and West of Birmingham. As we meet together, we aim to live out our relationship with God and one another in a number of different ways:

Worshipping God by singing

We’re not interested in just singing some nice songs, we want to encounter God as we worship him. Therefore, we leave lots of space in these times for people to contribute their own prayers or songs, read out passages from the Bible, or share what they think God is speaking to them about. There is no pressure to get involved - you are free to participate in all of this or just sit and watch - but we’d hope that everyone would benefit from spending such time praising God and experiencing his presence.

Talks about the Bible

At Churchcentral, we love the Bible and believe that every part of it is God’s word and is relevant for all of us. Therefore, each Sunday when we meet together there is a talk from the Bible. The aim of these talks is to explain the meaning of a passage from the Bible and then apply it to our lives today.

To help people to really engage with these talks, we make them available each week to stream and download and we also run something called sermon+. Sermon+ is a feature by which we encourage people to email in any questions they may have about these talks and we will look to answer at least one of these on our blog each week.

Kids work

At all of our sites there are crèche facilities and kids work for children of primary school age. More about children

Getting to know each other

We enjoy each other's company at Churchcentral so either before or after each of our Sunday meetings, we serve refreshments and encourage people to stick around and chat. At different sites we would regularly run site brunches or lunches connected to the meetings as well. If you have any questions about the church or our meetings on a Sunday morning, we always have a helpful and friendly host team who should be able to help.

Churchcentral One

Although we meet in different sites, we are one church and each term we meet altogether as ONE! It’s a wonderful celebration of all that God is doing in and through the church. Check out the calendar for details of this term’s Churchcentral One.

What others have said

I really enjoy the warm friendly atmosphere and meeting with God together.

We always have such good and helpful teaching from the Bible.

Church is fun and I like singing along to the songs.

Isla, age 6
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