To get a feel for who we are as a church, click to listen to Jonathan preaching on our main priorities, or read on.

We aim to build a church:

That helps make Jesus the most talked about person in this city

We want Jesus to grab people's attention and ultimately for people to honour him more than anything else in their lives. We exist for him and we want to make him famous among our friends, in our workplaces and in our communities.

That exists for the good of our city

We believe that the church should make the city a better place to live. And so we want to be a blessing to the people around us, whether that means helping the poor and marginalised, contributing to the local art scene or aiming for excellence and influence in our places of work. We want to do Birmingham good!

That impacts nations

We believe that God’s plan has always been to have a people drawn from every nation of the planet and we want to play our part in God’s global mission.

That job begins right here on our doorstep considering the multi-cultural nature of our city, but it also must spread abroad and we’re committed to supporting churches all around the world and actively looking to send people to these nations.

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