Social action

Churchcentral West

Serving the community in Bearwood and beyond...

A friendly group that develops confidence and skills for life on a low-budget.
From making money go further, to cooking on a budget, this group seeks to empower people in our communities to see a real practical difference in their lives. Run in partnership with award-winning charity Christians Against Poverty, our group gathers in  Harborne at Oasis Church on South Street.

Gathering older people in Birmingham for food, fun and friendship.
In 2008, a small group of people in the church decided to put on an afternoon tea gathering for some older people in our community.  Now, the much-loved Time For Tea has happened over 60 times, has served over 200 different people over 6,000 cups of tea! It happens twice a term at the Onneley Centre in Harborne.
A weekly small group for older people.
A team from Churchcentral West volunteer each week, partnering with Karis Neighbour Scheme‚Äôs Tuesday seniors group.  It gathers ten to twenty older people every Tuesday morning, for connection, quizzes, fun and a chance to think about life, followed by llunch together.
Senior Life Group happens at the Kenrick Centre in Harborne.