Each of us will spend around a third of our lives working. Our mission is to see God working powerfully through us daily in our workplaces.

We’re always looking to find practical ways to share our skills and experience to love and serve others. To that end, we run a Life Group which aims to encourage and support one another in whatever industries we work. We host occasional days to resource those who work in specific sectors. We also actively partner with the work of Chaplaincy Plus.

It is so helpful to hear how others work out their faith in their workplace. God has answered so may prayers from the group (Work Life Group) - he clearly cares about our jobs too.

Mark, Primary School Head Teacher

Work life group has really confirmed for me the value and importance God places on our work and our ability to influence colleagues and others within the workplace. Working through 'ten at work' has shown me the relevance of the ten commandments within our workplace, often in a very personally challenging way.

Barbara, GP

I love being a part of the work life group. It’s great to meet up and talk about ways in which we can do better at bringing Jesus into the centre of our work. It’s always encouraging, challenging and a great start to the weekend.

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