Youth (11s - 18s).


We think young people have loads of potential and stacks to contribute to church, both now and in the future. We seek to make as many opportunities as possible for young people to get involved.


We run our Youth Group for those of secondary-school age on Friday evenings. All are welcome, of all faiths or none as we explore some of life’s biggest questions. Come along and enjoy the Games Room and the Emerge Lounge, or grab a drink at Café Emerge. Then head into one of two age groups to learn more about Jesus. The teaching time is always custom-designed for the age group, with clear Bible teaching in an approachable style.


We also take our young people to Newday, a major youth event for 12-19 year olds. Time away from their usual envi-ronment is a great opportunity to deepen relationships and have fun doing things not always possible at home!

Our Youth Team

Our passionate Youth Team are led by our Youth Worker Rich Pitt. To find out more about emerge contact or keep up to date on Instagram, follow @emergeupdates.

All the team are DBS checked and we have several qualified first aiders to ensure the fun is safe fun, qualified with Train Aid.

Safeguarding Information

Churchcentral is committed to the safeguarding of children. As a church we have adopted suitable guidelines and procedures to ensure that all children who may come to Churchcentral or Churchcentral events are kept safe. As part of this we have a safeguarding policy that is regularly reviewed and updated. This can be read here. We also have an appointed Designated Safeguarding Lead; Owen O’Brien. To contact Owen you can use the Churchcentral Office contact details.

Emerge is a great place where you get to hang out with your mates and learn about God in a fun and exciting environment.

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