This matters.

As churches, we want to celebrate and support families who adopt and foster because children matter to God!

In fact, adoption gives us a chance to imitate something that God has done for us, because when we accept Jesus into our lives, God adopts us as his beloved children. And with so many children in our city in need of a safe, loving home, we think God's people can and should be playing a key role in meeting this need.

So, whether you're just wanting to find out more about what adoption means or you're looking into it yourself or you've already started the process, we hope that something here will be helpful to you on your journey.

Churchcentral Adoption Sunday

In  October 2020, our churches came together to focus on this theme and Krish Kandiah (Home for Good Founder) came to speak to us. Watch the service to be inspired and informed.

Home for Good

Home for Good is a charity that works to mobilise UK churches to respond to the needs of vulnerable children. They do this by encouraging families to step forward to foster or adopt and equipping churches to wrap around and support such families.  Their aim is that every child has a stable and loving home where they can thrive.  Find out more through their website.

Home for Good Resources

One great resource that Home for Good offers is something called the Foundations Course. This is aimed at anyone who wants to further explore fostering or adoption, whatever stage of the journey they are on, and equips people to better understand the needs of vulnerable children so that they can make well-informed decisions. All the details can be found using the link below.
Krish and Miriam Kandiah have written a book that considers how God’s church can get involved where it’s hardest and engage with the needs of the many children who are in care. It contains many stories from people who have adopted or were adopted themselves, alongside practical advice on how it all works and the challenges that will come.
There are also hundreds of articles, blogs and stories on the Home for Good website, all looking at different aspects of fostering and adoption. They cover a wide variety of topics: tips on caring for fostered or adopted children; relevant government updates; how the pandemic has affected vulnerable children; stories from adoptive parents and much more.

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