Supporting older people in Birmingham since 2008

Our weekly Senior Life Group and regular afternoon tea 'Time for Tea' help to support seniors to flourish in later life.

Time For Tea

We've been gathering for this afternoon tea event twice a term for over 15 years. Every time, there's a healthy meal, a quiz, entertainment, many cups of tea and a whole lot of love and laughter.

The event is run in partnership with Karis Befriends Project, and is supported by a sizeable army of volunteers from across Churchcentral!

If you're interested in coming along, have a friend or neighbour who could benefit from the event, or want to volunteer your time to help support the event, then get in contact using the form below.

Senior Life Group

As soon as we started Time For Tea in 2008, we found that gathering twice a term wasn't enough . So, since 2009 we've also been meeting weekly as a smaller group. We call it Senior Life Group.

It's a space to connect together, reflect on life and faith in our later years. Every week, hearing people love and support one another, sharing and singing together, both through tears and laughter, is a beautiful thing.

Currently we meet on Tuesdays at Oasis Church in Harborne. If you'd like to attend, use the form below to get involved.

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