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MAUYA |  欢迎 |  TERVETULOA | BIENVENIDO | خوش آمدید
SIYAKWAMUKELA |  ਸੁਆਗਤ ਹੈ | স্বাগত | WITAMY |  أهلا بك

We're a church family, following Jesus in the south of Birmingham.
If you're new to Birmingham, new to church or new to us, we'd love to connect you in!
We have an online service, and are beginning our roadmap back to in-person gatherings.

online Sundays
At south

10:30am: Watch our online service

Every Sunday, we have an hour-long online service with lots of people from across the church family leading us in worship, interviews, readings, prayers, prophetic words, talks, 60-second sermons and more.
The key is: participate, don't spectate. Pray along, amen along, sing along.
Do all you can to draw near to Jesus.
The service appears automatically above at 10.30am , or watch on our YouTube channel or Facebook page (and catch up on any previous services there too).

11.30am: Join in with 'Coffee Time' on Zoom

Even though right now we can't meet physically, we are passionate about church being more than something we 'watch'. It's a community in which we can belong!  So straight after the meeting, we're encouraging everyone to join an informal catch up on Zoom. Everyone joins the same one, before breaking into smaller groups for catching up, and for specific groups like Students&20s and Kids work.

7.30pm: Join us to pray

Every Sunday we get together on Zoom to pray about things in our lives, in Birmingham and beyond. We pray in lots of different ways throughout the hour and we're gathering more people to pray than ever before.

Roadmap back to
in-person gatherings

We're getting back together

It's been a long time coming but the first steps towards us meeting all together in person are beginning.
We're incredibly excited about this!! And we also want to stress there's absolutely no pressure on anyone to come along. We know there are different paces that people are comfortable to return in-person, and that's completely fine. Let's be kind and generous to one another in this time of transition. Our online content will continue, so everyone will be able to play a full part in Churchcentral South. But for those who want to take the first steps back, more information is below.

Stage 1: From Sunday 18th April

There will be 30 spaces to join together at Central House.
We'll watch the online meeting on the screen, with one live element each week.
Upstairs, children from 3-11 will have kids work provided for the duration of the meeting.
Timings are prompt, kids can be dropped off between 9.50 and 9.55am.
The meeting will begin at 10am.

During this phase, we all need to wear a mask, we are unable to sing (except a worship leader), and there is no mingling between households in the building. But we will do everything we can to, step by step, create an environment where we can truly worship God and experience something of being together.

We ask that you read this document before coming along, to give you a sense of what to expect, and watch this walk-through video...
Booking will be through the link below (the link is not live yet).

Stage 2:  From Sunday 23rd May

Stage 3:  From Sunday 27th June

More about us

We usually meet in Edgbaston

We're online for now, so don't turn up! But we normally gather from
10.30am-12.10pm at King Edward's Girls School,  B15 2UB.
We're just opposite the University of Birmingham Guild of Students.

See a snapshot.

Get in touch.

Don't be a stranger! Let us help you connect in with our church community.

"We knew no-one when we came to this country. Zero! But we would say Churchcentral South has been like a family for us. "

- Deepak & Shalini

"We've loved having so many nationalities. For me, that's a little foretaste of heaven."

- Liz

"Initially I'd come to church and leave straight after the service. I knew I needed to get more involved. Now I have and it's been so much fun! "

- Nike