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churchcentral south

MAUYA |  欢迎 |  TERVETULOA | BIENVENIDO | خوش آمدید
SIYAKWAMUKELA |  ਸੁਆਗਤ ਹੈ | স্বাগত | WITAMY |  أهلا بك

We're a church family, following Jesus in the south of Birmingham.
If you're new to Birmingham, new to church or new to us, we'd love to connect you in!

Sundays through august

Join us at Central House

For the five Sundays through August, we're gathering together at Central House, 13 Ravenhurst St, B120HD.
We'll meet from 10am-11am, and all are welcome.

We'll worship God together, pray together and learn from the Bible together.
After, we'll meet for a picnic at Selly Park by the playground (B29 7QR).
To help us maintain good space in the room, you'll need to book in anytime before the meeting.

More information

Where is Central House?
Central House is our office space, and it's at 13 Ravenhurst St, Highgate, B120HD.
What time should I arrive?
Please arrive in plenty of time, as we must finish on time to accomodate our East Site who gather after us.
Doors will open at 9.45am, we recommend aiming to arrive then.

Will there be kids work?
There will be Kids & Tots work upstairs throughout the meeting for 3-11s. Check in from 9.45-9.55am.
There will be a creche space in the emerge lounge as a space for those with younger kids.

Can I come if I'm new to the church or new to faith?
Yes! All are welcome and most weeks we have visitors or those who are new to us.
We can't wait to meet you.

Is it limited to just one or two Community Groups like before?
NO! Anyone can come. This is a Churchcentral South-wide gathering.

What measures are in place?

Watch Rich explain the measures that will be in place for August, and the thinking behind them.
A written summary is beneath the video.
Key points:

1) Booking online
We're keeping this to help us cap our capacity at around half full.
There's no deadline to booking in so you can decide on the day if you need to.

2) Masks
Masks are encouraged while arriving, moving or speaking.
Free to remove when seated and listening (e.g. during an interview, news, talk).

3) Singing
We will joyfully sing!
For now, we're encouraging masks during singing.
This will be uncomfortable, but is an act of love to others (true worship!).

4) Seating
Not allocated, but spaced out
Arrive with plenty of time to choose a space that works for you.

What if I'm not ready to gather in this way?

If this isn't going to be the right thing for you just now, that's okay! Let's continue to show love and generosity of spirit to one another around these decisions.

You can still join in.

We'll be putting out online 'Summer Services' - simple, stripped-back services each Sunday through August.
They will go out at 10.30am on YouTube, Facebook and here on the website.
If the best step forward for you is to gather in a home with a few others to watch these, please do feel very free to do that.
You'll need to organise it yourself but you can very much do that.

All together?

Sunday 5th September

From Sunday 5th September, we'll be gathering all together on Sundays at King Edward's Girls School.
We'll tell you everything you need to know nearer the time, but we look forward with anticipation to this launch of a new chapter in our church!
King Edward's Girls School,  B15 2UB.

More about us

We usually meet in Edgbaston

We're not there right now so don't turn up! But we normally gather from
10.30am-12.10pm at King Edward's Girls School,  B15 2UB.
We're just opposite the University of Birmingham Guild of Students.

See a snapshot.

Get in touch.

Don't be a stranger! Let us help you connect in with our church community.

"We knew no-one when we came to this country. Zero! But we would say Churchcentral South has been like a family for us. "

- Deepak & Shalini

"We've loved having so many nationalities. For me, that's a little foretaste of heaven."

- Liz

"Initially I'd come to church and leave straight after the service. I knew I needed to get more involved. Now I have and it's been so much fun! "

- Nike