Keeping one another safe in the church

"Christians in all organisations must be attentive to what the Bible has to say about safeguarding..."

Dr Krish Kandiah

"Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute."

Proverbs 31:8, in the Bible

"Wellbeing and safety are essential ingredientswithin our ministry to all people."

ThirtyOne:Eight's "A Theology Of Safeguarding"

Why? Safeguarding as love

Jesus' command to love God and love one another is at the heart of the Christian faith.  All our thinking, procedures and structures in keeping people safe are important because they  flow from that core principle of love.

In a world with brokenness, hardship and difficulty, looking out for the safety and protection of others is not a small, side issue, but part of our obedience to God's vision for church and for our lives.

As a family of churches, we provide training and support on these themes regularly, and we are more than happy to talk through our Safeguarding principles and policies with anyone, if you have questions or comments. Use and we'll get back to you.

How? Partnerships, policy & playing your part

We partner with thirtyone:eight

We're registered with a national safeguarding charity that helps churches be excellent in this area. As well as training and resources, we also utilise their 24-7 advice helpline specifically for church safeguarding questions and queries.

Safeguarding Policy

In consultation with thirtyone:eight, we regularly update our Safeguarding Policy that sets out the stands we're aiming for across our churches.
It is accompanied by several appendices, for specific ministries.

We all have a part to play

Recognise that to build safer churches, we all can contribute. Comply with wise procedures that are in place! Have your eyes, ears and hearts open to noticing where a safeguarding issue might be happening. Pass on concerns swiftly to the right people, using our Record Of Concern form.

Watch: Creating safer places together...

This short video, made by our partner Safeguarding organisation thirtyone:eight, shares some of what we're doing as a church and how you can play your part in turning our church more and more into a safe place.

Who? Key Safeguarding roles.

Churchcentral-wide roles

Chris Yeo

Overall Safeguarding Lead

Kate Watkins

Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Rich Pitt

emerge Safeguarding Lead (youth)

Church-specific roles

Hope Community

Church Safeguarding Co-Ordinators:
Liz Brown & Lindsey Stephenson
Tim Brown


Church Safeguarding Co-Ordinator:
Cathy Opong
Chris Yeo & James Mellor


Church Safeguarding Co-Ordinators:
Helen Bell (adults) & Rich Pitt (children)
Jonathan Bell, Jonny Mellor, Andrew 'Ed' Edmondson & Rich Pitt

Record Of Concern Form

If you're wanting to raise a concern , please do so on the webform below.

Alternatively, a version can be downloaded, printed and submitted to a Safeguarding Co-Ordinator or Lead (see above for your church).

Part 1: For use by anyone (e.g. staff, volunteers, members)

1: You (the person filling in the form)

2: The person the concern relates to

Fill in as much as you can. It's fine to leave blank what you don't know.

3: Their parent, guardian, carer (if applicable)

4: Details of incident/concern

5: Has this been reported already (before this form) to a Safeguarding Co-Ordinator?

Part 2: For use by Safeguarding Co-Ordinators & Leads

1: Information received by Safeguarding Co-Ordinator

2: Any advice sought? (if applicable) - internal & external

3: Initial assessment of concern, following advice

4: Actions taken (and reasons given)

(e.g. Referral completed, monitoring advice given to appropriate staff, contract in place)

5: Parent / carer informed?

6: Any other information?

7: Name of Safeguarding Co-Ordinator