7.30-8 // Mornings

Meeting ID: 277 224 6104

What's this all about?

We all need to build healthy rhythms into our lives, perhaps most importantly of all in our relationship with God. For countless Christians down the ages, time spent daily reading the Bible and praying have been the engine rooms of their lives.
To encourage members of our churches to build these rhythms, we gather to pray and read the Bible together on Zoom every weekday between 7:30 and 8am.
There’s not lots of chat or banter. We pray, we read the Bible, we go! Come and join us!

What happens?

As the picture suggests, we spend 15 minutes praying, using a mixture of songs, silence, praying at the same time and praying one after another.

Then we spend 15 minutes reading the Bible, reflecting on a New Testament passage, then one verse from Psalms or Proverbs.

You are welcome to clock in whenever you can make it or you can or even just come to the prayer bit (7:30-7:45) or the Bible bit (7:45-8).
Let’s stoke the engine rooms of our lives together.

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Zoom meeting ID: 277 224 6104
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