god’s big story

From Creation to Revelation

God’s Big Story is a one-year part-time course taking you on a journey from Creation to Revelation. This ‘zoomed-out’ approach will equip students with an overview of the Bible, with video teaching from an outstanding list of speakers, including Simon Holley, Andrew Wilson, David Devenish and Phil Moore. In its first year, God’s Big Story will run online through various bases across Catalyst, and Churchcentral will be hosting the Birmingham base beginning in January 2021.

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The Bible is one big story, with a beginning and an end, a hero and a villain, and plot twists and surprises all the way through. Often, in our Sunday preaching or Bible study, we zoom in and go deep, but we rarely have the opportunity to step back, to take in the broad sweep of Scripture, to look at things through a wide-angle lens. On this course, we follow the big themes of God’s story through the Bible from beginning to end, giving students a map with which to navigate the contours of the Bible for themselves.
Whether you are a new Christian, or someone who has read the Bible many times, you will gain fresh insights and grow in your understanding.

The core content consists of 12 modules each with six 30-minute units of teaching via video, with students’ notes, discussion questions and opportunities to pray and apply what has been taught.

The course costs £100 per person, or £50 for students and the unwaged.

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