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This matters.

Thanks for visiting this page. Whether you're a part of one of our churches, or you are just looking in, it's great you want to think about race and reconciliation in the church.

This page is a place to find a few resources to go deeper in your understanding.

Conversations about race


There are many great books that look at this subject, these are a few we would particularly recommend.

We Need to Talk About Race

By Ben Lindsay

Be the Bridge

By Latasha Morrison

Crossing The Divide

By Owen Hylton
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Tafara and the Patchwork Blanket
- Fadzisai Gukuta

This story is a brilliant resource for helping children talk and understand more about the racial diversity in the world.

PAthway to peace

Free resources from Beacon Church Brixton

These resources are designed to help individuals, small groups, leadership teams and churches move forward in racial reconciliation. For the full collection of resources, tap below to visit Beacon Church's page, but a few examples are below.


Before the Coronavirus pandemic, we looked at the question 'Does Christianity Have A Problem With Race?' at one of Churchcentral South's 'Big Questions' mornings.
Here's what Misha Martin shared on that Sunday and also a few messages from King's Church on Race, Justice and Racial Reconciliation.


Life & Leadership with Owen Hylton

This hour-long conversation is a great introduction to the themes of racial reconciliation in the church. Owen and host Jez cover a wide range of topics including the media, being black in a majority-white church movement, pathways to peace and Owen's own story of bringing leadership in a diverse church.