resources on Race

This matters.

We are determined to see our churches grow more and more into being truly inclusive families.
We want to move beyond mere diversity (different people in the room), to inclusion (people from a variety of backgrounds are empowered and celebrated). This is God’s plan for His church, and a powerful witness to the watching world.

This page is a place to find a few resources to go deeper in your understanding on the themes of racial justice and inclusion.

Conversations about race

Jonathan, who leads the team at Churchcentral, recorded this conversation with Pastor Calvin Young, senior minister at Mount Zion Community Church in Aston. 
Introduction Episode: Jonathan and Pastor Calvin Young set the scene and discuss something of their shared heart for the church in this city.
Episode 2:  Calvin takes us into the Scriptures. "Black people are right there in the Bible, and they are throughout the Bible, right into the New Testament and into Church history."
Episode 4:  Calvin explores what healthy engagement could look like for a white Christian on the issue of race in the church.
Episode 1:  We hear Calvin's story, explore his experiences in white-majority and black-majority churches, and consider discomfort in the church.
Episode 3:  Calvin unpacks how the transatlantic slave trade has a legacy and an impact to this day and calls the church to understand this history better.
Episode 5:  Calvin points to some practical steps we can take as individuals and as churches to move from talk, to action.


There are many great books that look at this subject, these are a few we would particularly recommend.

We Need to Talk About Race
- Ben Lindsay

Be the Bridge: Pursuing God's Heart for Racial Reconciliation
- Latasha Morrison

Tafara and the Patchwork Blanket
- Fadzisai Gukuta

This story is a brilliant resource for helping children talk and understand more about the racial diversity in the world.


A while back we looked at the question 'Does Christianity Have A Problem With Race?' at one of Churchcentral South's Big Questions.
Here's what Misha Martin shared on that Sunday and also a few messages from King's Church on Race, Justice and Racial Reconciliation.


The Gospel Coalition have a whole host of different podcasts from a range of brilliant speakers as part of their series called 'As In Heaven'.

"Each episode seeks to glean insights from a wide variety of people doing strategic work in their cities and communities. Jesus taught us to pray “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” Our prayer is that our spheres of influence would be places that look more like God’s kingdom—where love reigns, humanity flourishes, and Christ is glorified."

This short video gives a flavour of the kind of things that are looked at throughout the series.