Week Of Prayer

20th-26th November 2023 @ South

What's the Week Of Prayer?

It's simple: we want to give ourselves to prayer this week. How will you hear the call and pray?

How do I join in?

The basic call is for you to...pray! Anytime, anywhere, go for it!
But to help bring focus, here's four concrete ways to participate.
Slightly more info:
Engage with online resources: A few members of the church have recorded some insights and inspiration to help us pray in fresh ways. Available below.
Use a prayer calendar: This super simple prayer tool is used in many nations around the world to help disciples pray intentionally for their friends. These were given out on Sunday 19th November, but it's also available below!
Fast & pray: We'll encourage you to use the day of Thursday 23rd to fast, to help your seeking God, and give a sense of togetherness. Completely opt in, don't do it if you have any medical reasons not to, and if you want to fast on a different day, go for it!
Attend a prayer gathering: This time we have just a few prayer gatherings happening, why not try and be at one!


We have four gatherings, why not come along. Addresses for the homes were shared via the church email before the week began, and at the Sunday meeting on 19th November.
If you didn't get them, please message rich@churchcentral.org.uk to get them or 07841379393.

Get more information


Prayer Calendar How-To, with Joel

Thankfulness In Prayer, with Rach

(Audio Resource)

Enduring In Prayer, with Steve & Jan

Praying As A Family, with Emily & Grace

Emily & Grace reference a load of resources and ideas - they've pulled together a pdf to print or read to go alongside the video.

Liturgical Prayer, with Verena