Equipping you to respond 

Three ways for Churchcentral people to act.

We want to equip you to move beyond feelings of compassion, to meaningful and well-paced steps that can truly serve others - both those still in Ukraine and those who have had to flee.

Might you consider the three following steps?

1. Pray

In groups, in gatherings, and by yourself, are you speaking to God about this? Let's take deliberate time - long or short - to pray for Ukraine.

Pray for peace - for the war to cease
Pray for peacemakers - for those negotiating and seeking a settlement
Pray for politicians - for true wisdom from heaven to President Zelensky, President Putin and their advisors
Pray for refugees - for all fleeing, as Joseph, Mary and Jesus did, the threat of death & terror
Pray for those staying - for protection, for God's strength, for hope
Pray for the Church in Ukraine - for strength to the 70% of Ukranians who call themselves Christians
Pray for Russia - for God loves the people of Russia, many who watch on in horror
Pray for our Catalyst/Newfrontiers family members there - for safety and God's presence
Pray for churches in bordering nations - including our church in Krakow, Poland
For more resources, check out the following links:

2. Give

There are huge needs on the ground in Ukraine and surrounding nations, as millions and millions flee their homes.

Could you give some of your money away to meet some of the needs?

There are many good causes but we'd recommend these giving routes.

Or, if in doubt, give to us with the reference 'Ukraine' and we'll pass it on.

Catalyst / Newfrontiers Ukraine fund

Global Aid Network (GAiN)

This supports our churches in Ukraine and bordering nations in their massive response
Giving details:
Bank: Cooperative Bank
Account name: Catalyst Network of Churches
Sort Code: 089299
Account number: 65626678
Reference: Ukraine
IBAN code: GB24CPBK08929965626678
Read more here
GAiN is a non-profit that several Churchcentral people are involved with.

They are providing aid and relief on the ground with refugees in Poland, Hungary, Romania and Moldova.

Read more here.

3. Host

UK citizens and organisations can sponsor the arrivals of named Ukranians, and welcome them into their homes.

Church - this is a moment for us, to welcome the stranger.

We are in communication to work out if we can welcome brothers and sisters from the Catalyst churches to Birmingham. We can't provide firmer details yet, but ahead of making this happen, we want to see who in the Churchcentral family is at least open to welcoming someone in to their home to live for several months.

We know not everyone can do this, but we urge any who can to really consider it. If you're open  to thinking about it - no 100% commitment at this stage is needed -please please express an interest using the form below.